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  • Creative dryland stick skills to improve on-ice puck possession
  • Challenging drills to build player confidence with the puck
  • Off-ice shooting instruction for more effective at-home practice
  • Goalies receive position specific off-ice practice drills
  • P.E. games include Basketball, Handball, Floor Ball, and Soccer
  • Hockey specific Yoga/stretching instruction by Gia Mowat
  • Leading edge movement literacy taught by Total Approach S&C
  • Special Outings (to be added for 2016)



Check it !!
Maintaining a scorecard helps instructors and students keep on track.  

OFF-ICE "Success Cycle"

Why not work only on hockey specific activities in Phys. Ed. ?

 - Phys. Ed. is grounded in learning more than just one sport

 - Becoming a better athlete makes you a better hockey player

 - Expanding your athletic tool box needs to be a part of your growth

 - Movement awareness skills enhance future learning potential

 - Jr and Pro coaches all want the best athletes

 - Physical literacy is a precursor to Sporting Excellence (see graphic)


Building elite hockey skills
right here in Vernon, BC.

Classroom Knowledge Acquisition

Healthy and Active Living

Healthy and active for life is a key goal. There is after all, life after hockey. Learn good habits now to help with their future. 

Act on it !!
What have we learned so far? Do we need to alter our plan or execution? If so, Act on it !!  

Gymnasium activities.

Hockey Pathways

Very few parents, and even fewer players, truly understand the "ins and outs" of a hockey development path. At OTE we provide experienced mentoring and support that can help guide better and more effective decision making 

Do it !!

Having a plan is only as good as your execution. Students learn how to put a plan to work   

Plan it !!
Students arrive at OTE with a dream, not a plan. We start by learning to build one.  

Self-Directed Learning

At OTE, we get a strong group of students each fall. But even they need help in "learning how to learn, on their own". Hockey requires this behavior at a young age. Learning it now can help students be truly ready for the next level.