"If you have ever looked at the research on sport performance models, they help break down the required focus areas into three key areas or "pillars". These help clarify your goal planning.

I am a former business executive, 15 year coach, father of two elite players, scout and trainer to numerous aspiring players. I have also watched hundreds of games here. I believe strongly that Vernon athlete's biggest hurdle is the skill gap (middle "pillar") versus most urban centers. 

Getting hockey fit takes hard work, but it is not hard to find help or get information. Learning the game is easier, but still means study and listening to your coaches. Elite skill acquisition requires many hours of practice and proper instruction. For parents, organizing this can be a difficult task. In a smaller center like Vernon, due to limited skill workshops, much of the additional skill gains can often require time consuming trips to pricey camps or very costly Prep Schools.

Having a dedicated and value-focused skills academy in Vernon just makes sense."

Position Specific Skills

Forwards, Defense, and Goaltenders will each get position-specific skills instruction   


The game is getting faster and more skilled every year. The bar just keeps getting raised. Young elite hockey hopefuls need to learn that a full range of skills practice is critical to their long term success.

"Throw pucks on the ice and kids default to taking slap-shots. Why? Because its fun. Fun is good. But that habit alone won't help you complete your hockey tool-box any sooner." says Sam. "Learning new skills in an enjoyable team environment is an ideal way to develop a complete hockey tool-box."

Student engagement and motivation

At OTE, students learn to want to get better at all aspects of the on-ice game. This is very simple to say, but much harder to do. As parents we all know this. Our job at OTE is to provide your children with skill sessions and mentoring to help them embrace the opportunity to get better every time they step on the ice. This process builds skills and drives personal development as a player.

"X's and O's are instruction, creating lasting attitude and behavior change is coaching."   


Position Specific Tactics
NHL/Jr instructors share key game tactics to students. This extra edge helps keep you a step ahead of competition.



Small Area & Full Ice Games
These are critical to developing game transferable habits and building decision skills. Games are lots of fun too !!

Sam Mowat, OTE

Elite Skating Instruction
All positions will be taught to have a proper focus on elite skating techniques.

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OTE On-Ice Philosphy 

"Why so much focus on skill acquisition at OTE?"  A great question !!!